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    Ultimate Greenhouse Lighting

    Our new Telos Systems are the perfect greenhouse lights. Designed for full cycle growing and built to last.

    • Full Spectrum
    • IP66 and UV protection
    • PPF 2+ μmol/J
    • Easy Installation
    • CE Certified

UK made LED grow lights

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bulb iconIntelligent Design

With expertly engineered single stage holographic optics, silent passive cooling and a IP66 rating, the Telos series is an innovation in horticultural lighting.

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Energy Saving

LED grow lights have become more efficient than their metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) competitors which could lead to massive energy savings. For example, the Telos 0008 draws 240W and has the equivalent light output of a 315W ceramic MH and a 400W HPS, saving up to 40% of energy.

Longer Lasting

Constantly replacing costly bulbs and reflectors is not an issue with a Telos LED grow light. The high power LEDs from CREE have been tested to last 85,000 hours at over 90% output (that's almost 10 years!) and there is no need for a replacement reflector thanks to our unique optics.

Better for Plants

LED grow lights emit far less infrared radiation than traditional grow lighting, which can reduce heat stress and damage. Also a tailored spectrum is easier to produce with LEDs ensuring your plants get the light they need.


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Whether you're replacing old systems or are new to grow lights, contact us and find out about how Telos Systems can benefit you and your crops.

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