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GN Telos 8 Plant Grow Light

Telos Systems

GN designs and manufactures the very latest in LED grow light technology for Photo-bio applications. The Telos series is a new range LED grow lights, designed and manufactured in the UK by GN for growing taller plants in both harsh greenhouse conditions and indoor farming platforms where natural light may be limited. The light intensity distribution of the Telos range has been calibrated to provide optimal light absorption through a stable, homogenised source, reducing 'hot spots' which can occur in other lighting products. As a high end horticultural product it offers excellent energy efficiency, is both robust and waterproof and provides a natural working light. Our uniquely engineered technology allows for huge energy savings against traditional HID counterparts (often used in horticulture applications), whilst our in-house manufacturing and direct to customer sales model allows us to offer the most competitive prices in the advanced LED grow light technology sector.

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Grownorthern Bioengineering

About GN

GNUK LTD is a British biosystems engineering company specialising in photo-bio lighting solutions. Founded in 2009, the company's main focus was to utilise developments in semiconductor technologies to advance artificially powered photo-bioreactor platforms. Since 2009 we have been conducting research and development in this area; working with leading semiconductor manufacturers to develop mechanical, optical, thermal and electrical elements to support the latest in LED emitter technology. In 2013 we opened a manufacturing facility in the UK in order to produce high quality, original lighting systems; designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients. Now, in 2017, we are looking to expand the application of our products; utilising the technology, expertise and bespoke components that we have developed over the last 8 years to seek innovative solutions to many of the challenges facing our ecosystems today.

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