Biomanufacturing is a new type of production which utilizes the biological systems of organisms or plants to produce desired biomaterials, for example medicines or fuels or to perform a specific process, such as refining or reacting a substance. GN designs and manufactures LED solutions which can be integrated into biomanufacturing platforms that have a photosensitive process. We have worked on a number of UK based biomanufacturing projects, developing bespoke LED solutions for specific applications, including enhanced algae growth for waste water treatment and the production of bio-fuels using plant cultures.

LED technology has advanced the study and deployment of new methods of bioproduction, offering optical and mechancial benefits over existing light sources.

The main advantage of using LED technology for bioproduction is that it can be calibrated to target specific wavelengths of light which are fundamental to the cultivation of a particular biomass or biological process. In addition, advancements in the field of LED technology has led to greater variety of components, manufacturing processes and lighting configurations; allowing photo-bioreactors to be precisely tailored to meet specific requirements. This flexibility in design and ability to fine tune light density, together with the energy efficiency and enhanced lifespan of LED grow lights make them the perfect solution for any photosensitive biomanufacturing project.Extractions of algae grown using GrowNorthern LED solutions



Photo bioreactors are the production centre of the biomanufacturing platform. Typically, they consist of a lighting system, tanks or vats containing a biomass in a liquid form and sensors for measuring chemical changes. Usually there is also an inlet which allows C02 to be added either from a natural air source pump or a liquid CO2 container. We have experience of working with different photo bioreactor designs and pride ourselves in our ability to integrate our designs to work with new or existing parts and systems.Grownorthern LED grow light solution turned on in a photobioreactor


Design and research

In order to provide optimal spectral solutions for specific biomasses at different process stages we work with our clients to design, prototype and build bespoke solutions. We thrive on seeking innovative solutions and overcoming challenges posed by traditional production processes.

Case Study: Liquid Cool Bioreactors – GN & Biovorn LTD

We were approached by Bivorn LTD with a brief to design a light source which would produce the highest photosynthetic yield of algae biomass for the purpose of removing phosphates and nitrates from waste water. Algae is a particularly dense biomass; as a result the main challenge was to optimise the lighting source to provide maximum penetration without causing heat damage to the biomass.

Our solution was a liquid cooling system which would go inside the photo bioreator, allowing light through the center of the biomass to produce 360 degrees of calibrated white light with a high green content. This novel liquid cooling solution was perfectly suited to water based plant production, and vastly improved the output of the photo bioreactor. Our designs are scalable to larger deployments and are currently available for education and research purposes to university staff and students via Biovorn LTD. Feel free to contact us for further information.monitoring algae growth in a photobioreactor that uses Grownorthern grow lights


Application engineering

We are currently accepting applications from new or existing biomanufacturing projects which require specific LED design and/or build solutions. Please contact us to find out more about the services we offer.


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