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Osram MK2 Module- Hyper Red

Osram MK2 Module- Hyper Red

Osram MK2 Module- Hyper Red

Product Launch: Q1 2020

Quick Overview

The Osram Hyper Red upgrade is designed to be installed on any existing Telos grow light. This module contains 12 of the latest 3rd Generation Hyper red LEDs from Osram OS. Working in close conjunction with Osram we are now able to provide flux group 7 minimum LED emitters (a currenlty unreleased specification!). This translates to a whopping minimum output of 1035mW @ 700mA! The emitters are mounted on a specialized MCPCB utilising our own proprietary low voltage technology and 8w dielectric, aluminium circuit boards.

Incuded in the box: 

  • 12x GH CSSRM3.24-V7-1-1-L 

  • 1x Telos 8w MCPCB

  • 1x Telos Graphite Thermal Interface Material

  • 1x Hand screw driver for optic and module screws (optional)

  • 1x Translucent Gasket (optional)

    Performance Specifications*: 

    • Power consumption:   23.75 W

    • PF (380-780nm):    72.62 μmols/s

    • PF efficiency (380-780nm):   3.09 μmols/Joule

    • WPE:   60%

    *Performance specifications are calculated using typical electrical and thermal conditions of a Telos grow light at full power in a 25C ambient room temperature. These calculated values also take into account typical optic and driver losses to provide the most accurate perfromance data.

    Important Information:

    1. This item is for 1x LED module, per Telos light there 6x, 8x and 10x modules per unit respectively.

    2. This module requires mechancial and electrical installation.

    3. The upgrade installation process is very quick and simple, we will provide a supporting video on launch.

    4. The module can be installed independently i.e you don't need to fully upgrade every module on a Telos light for this unit to function correctly.

    5. To achieve an optimal growth spectrum we reccomend a combination using fewer Osram Hyper Red modules than Duris 5050 white modules.

    6. Example installation for Telos 0010 = x10 Modules (x4 Hyper red, x6 Duris 5050).

    7. An optional tool (hand held screwdriver) can be purchased for the installation procedure.

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