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Gn Telos 6 LED plant grow light

Gn Telos 6 LED plant grow light

Telos 0006 LED V1.1

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*New orders for any Telos V1.1 systems will be dispatched on a 1 week lead time.

*Please be aware that UPS Express, UPS Express saver and UPS Standard are all next day delivery services in the UK. Paying more for Express or Express saver will not speed up the order dispatch time. In the UK the Express service is for delivery before 9am, Express saver before 12am and Standard is anytime next day. For more information please read the delivery section in store policies

Designed to maximise high quality plant growth.


  • 180W LED grow light.

  • Enhanced 660nm full spectrum.

  • Minimum PPF efficiency of 2+µmol/joule. (LED V1.1)

  • Minimum PPF output of 360+µmol/s. (LED V1.1)

  • Weight: 4.8kg lamp + 1.2kg driver.

Click here for full specifications.

Why choose a Telos LED grow light?

Quality first: We take quality very seriously at GN to bring you a grow light that will not only work to the highest of standards but will also stand the test of time. Our partners at CREE, Mean Well and Wieland feel the same which is why we trust them to provide safe, strong and reliable components for our lights.

Quiet natural convection: Our fanless design uses passive cooling to regulate temperatures, vastly reducing noise output.

Better for plants, better for you: Our blend of white and photo-red LEDs produce incredible results in yield and quality while providing a more natural working light for tending to crops.

Built to last: With no moving parts, high quality components and a robust waterproof and dustproof (to IP66) design, the Telos 0006 will continue to run reliably day and night, outdoors or indoors. It’s modular design also allows for future improvements and replacements as technology advances.

Important Information:

The Telos 0006 is available in a top mounted driver version which comes fully assembled. This version is best suited for ease of installation and organisation of deployments where multiple Telos systems are connected via the system link cable.

You can also purchase remote driver version which includes a 3 meter remote driver link cable. The driver in this version is detached from the chassis of the lamp section making it thinner and lighter. The remote driver link cable connects the lamp and the driver allowing you to install them up to 3 meters apart. This solution is best suited for use where there is restricted hanging distance to the plants or where the supporting mounting frame has a limited weight capacity.

If you wish to modify your top mounted driver version, the 3 meter remote driver link cable can be purchased separately here.The remote driver version does not include the 2 mounting rails which secure the driver on top of the Telos 0006 chassis, if you require these rails please contact us.

The system link cables and connectors for Telos series are now available from the store. If you wish to purchase "h" connectors and system link cables instead of the wall plug please select no power cable. Please also be aware that if you are chaining multiple Telos systems, the first system in the chain will require a wall plug.

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Excl. VAT: $325.34 Incl. VAT: $325.34